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As an independent financial reviews site, SuperMoney is ideally positioned to obtain consumers who are actively browsing and comparing financial products. We cover a wide range of demographics by publishing both expert and consumer reviews on financial products and services.

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Trusted Partnership

Establish a trusted partnership

SuperMoney's affiliate program is dedicated to helping you meet your business goals and build lasting, productive relationships.

Reliable Monthly Payouts

Earn top, reliable monthly payouts

SuperMoney affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn top commissions for your high-quality financial traffic.

Benefit Your Audience

Benefit your audience

Help your audience achieve their financial goals by sharing SuperMoney's financial tools and in-depth resources.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress

When you join SuperMoney's affiliate program, you will get access to our tracking portal to monitor your performance and payout.

Who can become a SuperMoney affiliate?

We are interested in partnering with individuals and businesses who share the same passion in helping people achieve their financial goals.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Direct your users to SuperMoney Loan Offer Engine to cover upfront service fees, or recoup lost marketing dollars by sending your unqualified applicants to us!

Personal Finance Bloggers

Personal Finance Bloggers

Do you have a passion for writing helpful personal finance content with an active and engaged audience? Introduce your audience to the robust financial tools SuperMoney offers and earn some extra cash!

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

SuperMoney offers free point of sale financing solution for small businesses to help their customers finance any products and services up to $100K. Learn more about our POS financing platform.

Do you offer other services that would benefit from SuperMoney's wide variety of financial tools?

We'd love to hear from you!

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